Herc Travel is constantly looking for eager Niche Market Specialists of two kinds:

Geographical and/or Language Area specialists

Split Commission basis

Functional Travel Area specialists

Split Commission basis

 We are currently looking for Geographical Area specialists for the following geographical (language) zones:

Africa (excluding Arab countries of North Africa) [i]

- MiddleEast and North Africa [ii]

- Asian sub-continent and central Asia

- Russia and its Asian neighbours (possibly East Europe as well) [iii]

- China, incl. Hong Kong and Taiwan [iv]

- South-East Asia, South-West Pacific, Korea and Japan [v]

We are also willing to work with people who have skills and knowledge of Functional Travel areas, such as:

Corporate Travel [vi]

- Guided Tours and Holidays

- Cruises & Luxury Tourism

- Adventure Travel

- Winter Sports & Holidays

- Pilgrimages and Spiritual Tourism [vii]

And remember: our competitors usually give 10 reasons why you should join them – we have one more: we do not charge monthly fees like they do. Nor any other fees for that matter. To find out more, please call 0414 628 389 or 07 3349 0016 or email your Resume to travel@e-herc.com . Thank you.

Eleven reasons why join us:

1) Change your lifestyle. Can’t work full time! No worries! This is a perfect opportunity to work as much, or as little, as you like. Don’t feel like going to work? Stay at home. Feel like moving a mountain? Great, work 24/7.

2) Earn as much as you need. You decide how much effort you’re going to put in every day of week.

3) Match up with your other commitments. If you need to finish your studies and exam time is coming; children just won’t leave you alone; or you wish to top up your retirements savings – no excuse is good enough to miss an opportunity to work flexible hours.

4) Be your own boss. No orders and no obligations. Whatever you do, you do it because you chose to do so.

5) Work on your own and never be alone. While you’re likely to want to look after your customers yourself and have a degree of autonomy in your niche marketplace, you can still have your own holidays and sick days because we have people standing right behind you ready to help when you need it most.

6) Get rid of things you either don’t know or don’t want to do. Many people are doing great in the vocation of their choice, but not so in other areas that small businesses are required to do. Good Travel Consultants are not necessarily good book-keepers or marketeers. While these other areas are certainly not rocket sciences, they do take a great chunk of time from what you do best, and that’s probably Travel.

7) Use other people’s expertise. While our time is said to be an era of IT technologies and cyber-everything, not all of us are born either in or for that era. Forget what you can’t see behind the computer screen and concentrate on your clients who might need much more than sunscreen for their next holiday.

8) Pool your resources with ours. One stick is easy to break, many sticks put together are impossible to break.

9) Be a team loner. You work on your own, and you work when and where you choose, and you decide to whom you want to work with… and yet, you never walk alone because, right beside you, there is a team of people who stand to help when help is needed. You may even leave for a while, but you’ll do it with certainty that you can come back.

10) Change your lifestyle into a holiday. Travel agents know more travel secrets than anyone else. Why not use it while we can? After all, we do get some special rates.

11) We do not charge monthly fees!


[i] Afrikaans, French and/or Dutch speakers preferable

[ii] Arabic speakers (in addition to English)

[iii] Russian speakers have preference

[iv] Mandarin essential

[v] Korean and/or Japanese speakers preferred, but not essential

[vi] Experience essential

[vii] Not limited to pilgrimages, nor pilgrims, however sound knowledge of the respective denomination essential